California Lifestyle

In California we have it all: ocean, mountains, desert, and perfect weather year round. That’s why we care so much about being healthy. Without our fitness we wouldn’t be able to hike into the quietest part of the redwood forests or swim into the wide waters of the Pacific. Without our energy we wouldn’t be able to ski down powder white slopes or camp under the starlit beauty of an endless desert sky. We care about how we eat, how we look…but most of all, we care about how we feel. We take care of our bodies and minds so that we can live our lives to the fullest, greeting every palm-tree studded sunrise with the energy we need to take on our day.


In California we believe you are what you eat. That’s why we try to avoid processed food loaded with preservatives, instead favoring whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. We eat what’s in season in our fields and on our vines, staying true to a farm-to-table mentality. By eating mindfully, with an awareness of where our food comes from and how it tastes, we stay motivated to eat food that nourishes us, fueling healthy bodies and strong minds. We also stay abreast of new information that could impact our health, and are always willing to change our habits if it means staying healthy and living longer. We pioneered the juice and smoothie culture that has since become global — were one of the first to embrace gluten-free methods of baking — and understand the value of vitamins and supplements. And since our well-being is so intimately tied with the well-being of our planet, we care about how our eating impacts the eco-system, too. We consider the environmental impact of the food we consume, supporting sustainable farming practices that work in harmony with the earth’s precious natural resources. Health starts with what we put in our bodies, and California food culture is built around that truth.


Of course, food is only one part of whole living. In California, we work hard; but we play hard too. We’re surrounded by sunshine and nature, so it’s not unusual for us to go for a morning swim, afternoon hike, and evening meditation all in one day. Surfing, biking, running, yoga… anything that gets our bodies moving and our hearts pumping is something we embrace as part of our self-care routines and as a part of our social lives. Because here, being active isn’t about just about being fit; it’s about enjoying the world, diving in, and breathing deep. A California lifestyle is an active lifestyle…


 But that doesn’t mean we don’t take time to relax, too. Here, it’s all about balance. We put in our 8 hours at the office, but we might use our lunch break to take a yoga class, or simply duck out for a quiet hour of mindful meditation. We seek to cultivate not just our bodies, but our minds and spirits as well, and we know that exertion is only as valuable as the time we take to replenish our energy and rejuvenate our spirit. That way when the sun goes down, we still have the energy to go out and unwind with friends over food and maybe a couple of drinks. We said it’s all about balance, didn’t we?


California is full of beautiful people, from the stars of Hollywood to the sun-kissed surfers who dot our beaches. But in California, we know that beauty is more than skin deep. The glow that Californians emanate comes from more than a balanced diet or active lifestyle. It comes from a sense of peace, happiness, and harmony with the world around us. Here, beauty starts from the inside out.

Welcome to California.